Our Founder

Pastor DeCarlo Sabedra standing in front of the podium

Apostle DeCarlo Sabedra Sr.

December 30, 1964 – October 16, 2017



In 1996 Apostle DeCarlo received the Word from the Lord to begin our church. Originally our name was Emmanuel Deliverance Center, but that did not fit the abundant life lessons that he would go on to teach. In 1999 he changed the name to Abundant Life Family Worship Center.

He taught us to be good stewards in both our words and our actions. He taught us the true meaning of 1 Peter 5:6 “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God…” Like every good shepherd, he took care of his sheep. He was always ready with a kind word, praying hands and open arms. When it came to furthering the gospel, “no” was never a part of his vocabulary. He believed that there was always an opportunity for ministry.

Our Pastor was a great man of God. He was brilliant, industrious, strong, funny and humble. We love him dearly and we know we will see him again in glory.